Media like Youtube

Compairing different streaming services.

Youtube vs Twich
Have sppace for people to become content creators Creators can have multiple videos uploaded and they stay for all to veiw A content creator can Start a livestream for anyone to veiw Creators can post riskier content/ doesnt have to be for all ages


more youtubers are moving over to twich for the policies that youtube is starting to make that are to restrictive and not specific.
A veiwer on youtube can look at videos that were made years ago and rewacth older Videos
youtubes policies are getting very hard to follow for content creators
Twich has less videos where some can waiat for th video to come out and then watch it later they are mainly just live recordings then done.
There will have to be a new streaming service created that could compete with youtube and use a similar format so that creators can switch over and not be affected by a loss of subscribers and so viewers can still have a great experience
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